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Denae Christine is a Bible-believing Christian who lives in Colorado.  She was born in Kansas and briefly lived in Indonesia, but she moved to Colorado at age 10.  She and her three younger (less ornery) siblings were homeschooled until college.  At CSU, Denae was introduced to karate, which she practiced for four years until grad school and a sprained ankle made her stop.  She now teaches math at an alternative high school.

 These days, Denae listens to more books than she reads, a habit she started in college.  Now she has audiobooks playing while she cooks, walks, bikes, crochets, folds laundry, or drives over the mountains to visit her family.  She also really enjoys volunteering in the children’s ministry at church.


 Denae started writing at age 12 but hopes no one  ever has to read those stories.  She joined a writer’s group at age 14, hosted one by age 17, and switched to participating in online writers’ groups at age 19.  For  several years she worked on a quartet about a girl  who gets bitten by a dragon and  grows dragon wings . . . but she had to set that aside as too much to handle flower

She  started the Royal Deception trilogy during  NaNoWriMo 2008 as a single book and made it to 26k words in that first month.  None of those original scenes remain.  In 2012, she gave in to the advice of her friends  and cut the story into 2, then 3 pieces.  Royal Deception, the first book, served as her Honors Thesis in 2013 and was finally published when Denae was 24.

After printing the first few boxes of book 1, she used an editing website (and a professional editor) to help her clean up the book and slim it down by twenty pages.  Self-publishing let her reword and reprint her books.  Now, they even have fancy back covers, too.

Photo of Denae ChristineRunaway Deception and Risky Perception (novella) were published a year after book 1.  Rebel Deception is set to be published in spring 2017.

Reading and Connecting

Her favorite books include The Holy BibleElla EnchantedSteelheartLegend of Eli Monpress, Percy Jackson books, Narnia books, and many, many more.  Check out her goodreads page for more information and for more book recommendations.  Or look at the Book Match page to find your own books.

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(Denae once heard a reader complain that each author’s bios all gave the same  information, and so she attempted to put slightly different details in each  book/website: read them all!)


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