(I decided to trim this down a bit from the version in my book to the more important characters.)


Deceased royals

  • Aryn – daughter of Barrid, established Arin 450 years ago.  Great great grandmother of Len.
  • Barrid – 1st King of Barido
  • Hat’n – son of Barrid, established Haton 450 years ago.  Great grandfather of Hryam.
  • Heero – son of Jojan, Captain before Wedig, killed by animal shifters, husband of Wanuru, father of Tetha, Senth, Miruel, and Cunn
  • Hryam – 4th and last King of Haton
  • Len – 6th King of Arin, conquered Haton and joined the countries to be Arton, became the 1st King of Arton
  • Morris – 21st King of Arton, father of Carlon


  • Canil – resident royal of Arton~Varn, married to Mel
  • Hewim – resident royal of Arton~Tallo, married to Sedric friend of Rosann, mother of Lesro, Lana, Letti, and Lothur
  • Jalam – 23rd King of Arton, father of Symon and Jocktan
  • Jocktan – brother of Symon, four years younger
  • Jojan – resident royal of Arton~Erqui, Symon’s Great Uncle, brother of Rosann’s father, married Milee (a royal who died), married Lay
  • Lana – Symon’s good friend
  • Ozar – younger half brother of Jalam, ambassador to Inurot
  • Rosann – Queen, married to Jalam, mother of Symon and Jocktan
  • Senth –  younger brother of Tetha, good friend of Lesro
  • Symon – main character, Prince
  • Tetha – granddaughter of Jojan, marries Yantesh royal


  • Arable – noble guard, goes to Inurot and Forest
  • Brendric – noble guard, goes to Forest
  • Cloris – noble guard, female
  • Lay – Jojan’s second wife, mother of Terran
  • Lesro – older brother of Lana
  • Letti – (Lett) younger sister of Lana, likes animals
  • Lothur – (Lot) youngest sibling of Lana
  • Mash – noble guard goes to Forest
  • Ray – Symon’s dueling instructor, son of Terran
  • Reda – Wedig’s wife, teaches dancing with Haraki, mother of Borren and Byn, second cousin of Queen Rosann
  • Sedric – married Hewim, father of Lesro, Lana, Let, Lot
  • Wedig – Captain of the Guard ever since Symon was 5, second cousin of King Jalam


  • Bessar – Lana’s governess, likes pickles, came from Yantello 30 years ago
  • Clavon – guard, goes to Forest
  • Haraki – dancing instructor, very old, servant of Lady Reda
  • Jedric – castle tailor, short and pudgy
  • Jeriah – guard, goes to Forest
  • Siree – Jocktan’s nurse and becomes Queen’s maid, Mulacan



  • Bede – slave owner, brother of Ranos
  • Ebeena – daughter of King but not Queen, dances with Symon
  • Jill – only Princess
  • Muulaac – son of Barrid, established Mulac 450 years ago
  • Ranos – slave owner, brother of Bede, marries Lorical
  • Treen – King, has 3 legitimate children and at least 1 non (Ebeena)


  • (Bandit leader) – leads a band of slavers to capture Artonian animal shifters in the mountains



  • Brenta – fiancée of Ralan
  • Jordan – King, old and travels a lot
  • Maret – Princess, second royal child
  • Ralan – Crown Prince, arrogant
  • Ria – daughter of Barrid, established Riah 450 years ago
  • Rodric – Captain of the Rahi Knights



  • Bridavi – Captain of the Yantesh Champions, female
  • Caid – visits Arton for the ball
  • Yantel – son of Barrid, established Yantello 450 years ago


(horse shifters)

  • Harrol – old tailor, murdered in Reg~Herad
  • Jhessi – whom Lana rides, Johdan’s sister
  • Johdan – whom King Jalam and Symon ride


(bear shifters)

  • Taddum – mother of Yiddar and the older medic of Reg~Herad
  • Raynell – Symon’s age, Rahi refugee
  • Saymell – Raynell’s mother who dies in prison
  • Yiddar – younger medic of Reg~Herad


(bird shifters)

  • Bazon – Symon’s tutor
  • Haban – old friend of Bazon’s
  • Ireeno – old slave of Bede
  • Lorali – Runa’s childhood friend, a lookout for the Sparrowhawk clan
  • Menor – mother of Bazon, kidnaps Symon when he was two
  • Runa – Bazon’s sister, becomes Sira of Sparrowhawks


(fish shifters)

  • Carly – slave to Bede until becoming Lana’s maid
  • Horn – brother to Carly, slave of Bede until escape



  • Butritr – hosts the feast where King Jalam visits
  • Claur – gathers many Inurites in order to kill Symon and take over Arton
  • Ibarlo – the leader of the band of assassins
  • Inua – step-daughter of Barrid, first Queen 440 years ago
  • Jrot – first King, married Inua, took over Inurot 440 years ago


  • Illav – warrior of Ozar
  • Jessit – warrior of Ozar


  • (Boy) – unnamed servant who told King Jalam about Claur’s plans


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