Now that you’ve been awed by my word-crafting abilities (or not), I wanted to share my foray into drawing my characters with sharpies.  On cardboard.  This is my attempt at designing book covers.  (Notice that my book 2 cover idea influenced the actual book 2 cover, ha!)

The drawing was for fun, but this post was also inspired by wattpad (I’m trying something new).

Royal, Yiddar flames




Bazon maybe?  This is my book 1 idea, and it came after the book 1 cover was finished.  I liked the gold-bonds-on-wrists and dark-figure-in-green-cloak idea.



Runaway, Lana



Then we have Lana, the royal blade shifter, freeing prisoners from their golden dungeon.  No, seriously, this happens in book two.


Rebel, Symon crown



Symon . . . will he ever be King?  I liked blocking the characters’ faces on covers, but I couldn’t figure out how to do it for Symon.  In the final version, he wears a mask.







Yes, there will be another book.  It’s not a book 4, exactly.  More of a companion book, like Ender’s Shadow or The Hobbit.  More on that later.






Sairfolk vs a sedfolk.  Arm blade vs leg blade.  I hate how it turned out, but I did want to see what this would look like.






A leighfolk against the night sky.  This is probably Bazon, since he’s the most important leighman in the story.  I’d like to draw Hesh, too, though, since her wings are prettier.



redecorated map 2



And the map.  I’ve changed the map a lot and even helped draw it, too, but I admit I did that with paint rather than cardboard and markers.

Sharpies and Cardboard

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