Am I a reader who likes to write, or am I a writer who likes to read?

I certainly read a lot.  An author recently wrote that 12 books was plenty to read in one year.  I just can’t fathom so few.  If you know much about Goodreads, you probably know about the reading challenges people set for themselves each year.  On my profile, it shows I’ve read about 100 books each of the last five years.  That may not seem like too much (only 2 per week), until you remember that this is only counting books I’ve read the first time (Goodreads changed that very recently, tracking re-reads).  When you consider that I re-read just as many books as I read new, that’s more like 200 books per year.

So, yes, I consider myself an avid reader.  My writing, by comparison, feels paltry.

I’m awaiting some feedback before I do the last round of edits on book 3.  Rebel Deception is 550 pages long, but it is really well done (if I do say so myself).  I’d say it’s the best yet, but I’ll wait until the final product before judging.

Anyway, while I’ve been waiting, I started on the outline for the next book (a blade shifter novel set after the trilogy about different characters), which is tentatively called Renegade Reception.  I can’t tell you any more without giving away lots of spoilers.  Oh, and the outline is finished (3000 words worth), and I’ve even written one chapter.

But this is a rather small showing for the last three weeks’ time.  What have I really been working on?

1, reading.  I have to get through all those free and $1 kindle books eventually, right?

2, reviewing.  New reviews can take me 40 minutes to write.  Updating old reviews takes a long time, too.

It did accomplish something, though.  See?top reviewer

I’m the #9 USA Top Reviewer on Goodreads for this week.  I was just aiming for the top 100 (which I have reached at least a couple times before).

This record just came out today.  I probably spent a total of twelve hours writing and updating reviews this week.  It was worth it.  However, I didn’t get much real writing done, writing on my books.

Was it a waste?  Why does it matter to get #9 top reviewer?

1, it was fun.

2, it might help people find my profile better if they find more of my reviews.  The more people that find my profile, the more people that might decide to buy/read my books.

So, in this case, reading books and writing reviews might help my book writing and other people’s book reading.  It’s like I’m becoming a better author every time I read a book, and not just because I’m learning new story-telling skills.  I’m also making a more solid online presence for my author self.

So, I really think reading and writing work together.  I’m both a reader writer and a writer reader.

Reviewing and Writing

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