First, Risky Perception is out this week!  Find it here.  I ran a goodreads giveaway for it and will be mailing those off shortly.

In celebration, I ran another countdown deal on the kindle book for Royal Deception.  To prepare, I ran promotions with Fussy Librarian, Ereader News Today, and Bargain Booksy.categories

In addition, I changed my second category of “Epic Fantasy” to “Children’s Royalty.”  I kept the “Sword and Sorcery” category.  The “royalty” category was smaller than general “epic fantasy,” and I knew it would be easier to get a higher rank in that category.  Plus, that category had such awesome books as Enchanted Forest Chronicles and Protector of the Small and Ascendance Trilogy, which are some of my favorite books.

Well, for a few hours today, my little book is outselling them all.

#1 bestseller banner



See?  Isn’t it gorgeous?  I haven’t made back the advertising money I spent, but getting to see the “#1 Best Seller” banner is worth it.  (Plus, I’ll be able to call myself a #1 bestselling author now, which feels satisfying and more than a little arrogant.)


Now we just have to see if we can turn these sales into loyal readers who want the rest of the trilogy.

First, though, I have to finish that first draft of the third book.  Five more chapters . . . .



In other news, I’m doing a Barnes & Noble signing tomorrow in Grand Junction, Colorado.  Come by in the afternoon, and I can sell/sign you a book!  Plus, I’m giving out free bookmarks.


#1 Best Seller

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