Risky Perception is up for pre-order!  It is the short story between books 2 and 3 of the Royal Deception trilogy.  (Well, it’s really a novella, since it’s over 17k words).  This book 2.5 is split between the povs of Symon and Lana, who are essentially doing the same thing in opposite corners of Barido.  Today, we get to see the different versions of the cover.

First, we have Tatiana Mariah‘s sketch from my initial ideas.


image (10)

I liked it; it looked good, but it wasn’t quite right.    (I was determined to have the faces covered.)  So, picky that I am, I sent back some ideas for her to work with.

my version 1my version 2

She very patiently took the suggestions and turned them into the next sketch.

image (6) Then she colored it. Risky original

So brilliant and bright!  David S Allen doctored it nicely to look more real, smooth, and book-cover-ready.

risky touched up

And then he and I went through a couple iterations to get the fish silhouette right.  (First book has a bird for the leighfolk, second has a bear for the wolfolk, and this book has a fish for the merfolk.)

Risky initial design Risky kindle

And then I had a couple proof copies printed.  Aren’t they purdy?  75 pages of adventure and secrets and danger and dancing.

print copy

Sadly, I had them sent to my parents’ house.  I thought I was going to visit, but a blizzard came up (at the end of April, but we Coloradoans should expect such things).  Selfish author that I am, I’m almost as upset about not seeing my books as I am about not seeing my family.  Er, don’t tell them that.

Publish date is set for June 1st, and then I can focus on book 3.

Risky Perception

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