I knew I was in trouble when I found myself reluctant to sell people paper copies of my book.  Oh, I would still talk about the series and the writing/publishing process, but I inwardly gave a small cringe when I showed them the hard copy version.  It didn’t have a fancy back cover.  I knew it had several typos, but, by golly, I wasn’t going to just throw away sixty copies of the book!

Months passed before I noticed my reluctance.  Finally, a couple weeks ago, I ordered a new batch of books.  Yes, I still have 60 30 unsold copies of 3rd edition.  However, I found my enthusiasm for showing off of my book (with fancy back cover and smoother wording) grew once I got the new version.  This is important when trying to sell a product.

Now, the second book will come in an updated version (I changed almost nothing) with a fancy back cover.  Oh, I’m ready now.

(Also, my dad is one of my best marketers.  This is either because he’s generous–which encourages people around him to generously buy his daughter’s novel–or because he is better at approaching strangers than I am, or because his enthusiasm is stronger than mine.


In General

I’m a happy person.  I wonder if other people would be happier if they let themselves get more excited (and, of course, everyone wants to be just like me, aside from the lack of singing voice), especially about the little things.  (Obviously I’m only speaking from personal experience and have no idea how other people’s brains work.)

Leaves to crunch on the sidewalk.

Invisible breeze pushing my hair.

Pink skirts.

Curious students.

Fuzzy kitty.

Technology that works right the first time.

When I don’t drop my keys.

When my heart bubbles and I slide around the hardwood kitchen floor in an impromptu dance.  (Or, well, maybe this is reaction to one of those other things.)

And Jesus Christ loves me and will never give up on me.

Wouldn’t you agree that’s a great list?  You can write one, too.  Be ready to meet anything with excitement, a dance, a whistle, a grin, a shake of the hands, or even just a silent tiptoe or nod.  Make some noise and thank your Creator for giving you this day.  Be enthusiastic; it’s contagious.



Sometimes I find myself struggling to find prayer exciting.  Why is this?  I think it’s because I focus too much on myself and say things like, “Lord, let my students understand the lesson today.  Thank you for kitties.  Please give me energy for the week.”  Not only self-centered, but dull, too.  What I need are more of the dance-around-the-kitchen-singing-praises-at-the-top-of-my-lungs-because-my-roommates-aren’t-home-to-hear-me type of prayer sessions.

I went to a local World Mission Conference last weekend.  Listening to the missionary stories and hearing about persecution in North Korea, Eritrea, and Iraq, I found myself excited.  Now, that word has some positive connotation to it.  To clarify, I wasn’t happy there was persecution overseas, but discussing the worldwide Church of believers made me feel more awake about prayer than I often do.

It’s a reminder about why humans are here, and what our goal is in life.  It isn’t to sell books or be rich or have a nice family.  It’s to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.



I’m too much of an English major to not put a conclusion on this post.  Ahem.  Enthusiasm is a good thing, whether in selling books, petting kitties, or praising the Lord.  Don’t let life drag you down; be excited!

(Staring at a computer screen is not very exciting.  How about you go put on socks, and find wood/tile/linoleum floor you can slide and spin on?  You can always read the rest of my website later.)


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