Logged into kdp last night (with minimal hope of finding anything interesting in the reports) and discovered I sold 5 books in 2 days.  ??  (I also sold 3 books last week with 5 new fb likes, also unsure why.)  As a self-published author, I’d really like to know what sold the books so I can keep repeating it.

Here are my current guesses:

1, I recently joined a facebook group led by the successful indie author Susan Kaye Quinn.  Maybe some in the group found my profile and blurb interesting?  I do think this is where the new likes came from.

2, my parents visited distant relatives in NC, handing out bookmarks like the helpful parents they are.  Maybe a great aunt has a kindle and is an avid fantasy reader?

3, I started changing my goodreads reviews to have a “reader thoughts” section and a “writer/author thoughts” section.  Maybe other readers came across one of these reviews and decided to check out my books?

4, lingering effects of last month’s promotion?  Maybe readers take 5 weeks to decide to read a book, or they take 5 weeks to read a book and then bought the next one.

5, and most likely, is that I am still reaching out to friends with my books.  I posted about my second book on facebook right before selling the 5 books.  Also, half of the 8 books were book 2, which means repeat readers, which most likely means friends.  Another reason this is the most likely, is how often people are surprised when I tell them I wrote a book.

Conversation goes something like this:

Me:  “And, of course, I write a lot.”

Person I’ve known for a while:  “You write?  Really?”

“Yeah, I wrote a book.  Two books, actually.”

“What about?”

Have I never mentioned it before?  Am I that scatterbrained?  “It’s this great YA fantasy trilogy about a Prince who can turn his arms into swords . . . .”

So, yup.  There you have it.  SURPRISE, I continually forget to promote my own books.  Part of me is afraid of sounding too repetitious.  If you’re one of the friends who hears me talk about books all the time, sorry.  If you’re one of the friends who didn’t realize I wrote a book (two, actually), then now you know.  If you’re a stranger, I hope you enjoy reading.

In other news, I got a goodreads message from a person willing to post reviews about my book.  She (I think) only charged $15 for, like, ten reviews at any star level.  The message disappeared before I had a chance to report her.  I was looking forward to replying with a “Sweet!  I’m glad you’re interested in my book.  Here’s the link to buy it, and then you can let me know what you think once you’ve read it.  Enjoy!”  Maybe she would’ve realized how dishonest it is to ask for money for lying.  Maybe not.


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