First, I got to work on book 3 a bit.  It’s so hard to switch gears from editing (where the story is all laid out and you just need to check flow and grammar and consistency) to staring at a mishmash of notes and ideas that don’t yet fit together.  I had estimated my book 3 progress at 60% first drafted, but it’s hard to say.  There are scenes that I want to go back and rework, characters I want to add/remove/change, but I also really want to finish the first draft first.  It’s a mistake I made with the first book (or, well, with the trilogy, since I thought it was one book back then).  I kept changing scenes at the beginning and never plowing forward.  So, I’m mentally gritting my teeth and throwing words at the story until it gets to the end.  At least I do have an outline I’m following, else this would be even more painful.  (Speaking of pain, I was mean to Symon yesterday.  You’ll see.)

It’s a new experience for me to switch gears and try writing grants.  Yes, I got to practice grant writing at my school the last few weeks.  While different than fiction writing, it uses similar elements.  You still want to be specific, keep your facts straight, pay attention to timelines, and make promises to your reader (or to the Colorado Department of Education).  Oh, and you can insert more tables and use more bold and italic letters and headings, and a lot more acronyms (education uses a LOT of acronyms, especially when updating our SLOs for CDE with info from PLCs and PTCs and teaching HoM through PBL while using SIS).

I’m participating in a virtual book fair for the next couple weeks, which is new.  100 indie authors joined together to promote and show off their books through a facebook event.  I have my doubts for how effective it will be (much of author promotions only seem to reach other authors . . .), but, like any promotion, I’m optimistic.unit-sales-trend-20160110

In other news, check out Amazon’s ebook sales report.  In short (this is so fun), Amazon sells about 1 million print books a day, and about 1 million ebooks a day.  While publishers still take the bulk of print books, independently published authors sell almost twice as many ebooks.

I think one reason for this drop is that traditionally published ebooks have gone up in price a lot.  I had a list of ebooks I wanted to buy eventually, and nearly all of them are more expensive than they were a couple years ago.  Take Heir Apparent, for example.  It was less than $6, and now it’s $8.  With most indie authors charging $0.99 to $4.99, it’s no wonder trad-published works are struggling to keep up.  Besides, there are so many MORE indie published books than ever before (hey, I added two to Amazon in the past year).

On that note, Royal Deception is now $2.99.  I wanted to set it to that two weeks ago (right after the sale for $0.99), but kdp told me that I can’t change the price for two weeks after a sale.  Anyway, I wanted to drop the price because I have a second book out.  A lot of indie published authors I have found (Breanna Puttroff, Susan Kaye Quinn, Angela Holder, etc.) put the first book in their series at a low price (or free) to get readers interested, and then the second book is a little more expensive, and the third book and beyond are regular price.  Isn’t it neat what resourceful authors have come up with?  It worked on my reader self.  Does it work on yours?

To continue, Amazon (audible) sells 120 thousand audiobooks a day.  Cool.  Considering most of what I read nowadays is actually what I listen to (about 3 audiobooks a week and about 3 ebooks a month), I’m excited for this market.  I think a lot of people don’t have time to read, and the more they realize how easy (and not too expensive) it is to buy/borrow audiobooks, the more people might actually get through the books they want to.

Last but not least, the winner of my goodreads giveaway of Royal Deception and Runaway Deception lives in Canada.  I shipped the books last week (and had to fill out a customs report to let the books cross the border).  That’s somewhat exciting.

Go write, read, and serve the Lord this week!

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