(Note: I tell how many sales I had.  Some might see the post and think “That‘s all you sold?” and others might think I’m showing off.  Neither.  I’m just hoping others will find this information useful or entertaining.)

January 31st, Royal Deception goes on sale for 99 cents.

First one is up.  Bargain Booksy lists Royal Deception Sunday morning.

Next is Ebookstage around noon.  Within an hour of their email going out, I got four sales.  True, this coincides with me posting about the sale on Facebook, but I think most of the people there already have a copy.  I haven’t sold 4 books in one day since I did an author signing at the Farmer’s Market last September.  This was in one hour.  Basically, promotions going well so far.  :)

End of day 1: 6 books sold.  I’m happy with this.

February 1st, Runaway Deception is published.  No promotions on this book, and it is set to normal price at $4.99.

Next promotion for Royal Deception is BookBarbarian (dedicated solely to sci-fi and fantasy books).  Three hours after their email went out at 10am, I have 9 sales.  Woot!  I’ll keep updating as the day goes on (it’s a snow day here, so I have all day to get excited and bug my roommates about sales).

Three hours after that, I had 12 sales.

End of day 2: a total of 17 sales (yay!)

Day 3 and 4 together (no promotions except sharing the news at work): 6 sales

The KENP (Kindle Edition Normalized Pages) read from Kindle unlimited borrows is minimal all week.  Other authors talk of thousands of pages read per day.  I think three or four people have borrowed my book ever.

At this point, the promotions only paid for themselves if at least half the readers buy book 2, but I expect them to, eventually.photo

Oh, and Royal Deception reached #38 in the children’s Sword and Sorcery category for kindle books.  Hurrah!  It was there most of Tuesday.  Now (Wednesday) it’s around #150 and dropping.  All in all, it has been great fun.  I’m quite excited to get to do this again next year when Rebel Deception comes out.

(Yes, I know Sword and Sorcery is a sub-category of Fantasy, and these were in the category Kindle-Children’s, but still.)

Now (Saturday) it’s about #500 in the Sword and Sorcery category.

Throughout the week, my facebook author page also gained several likes, which might also be connected.

Nothing to show on goodreads.

Day 5 and 6 and 7, Royal Deception was $2.99.  Total: 1 sale, no promotions.

Other news, Royal Deception now has an “also bought” section on the Amazon page.  For those of you non-authors, this means that, up until this point, my book had a section of “customers who viewed this item also viewed” and then a list of books.  NOW, there have been enough sales that the book has a section of “customers who bought this item also bought” and then a list of books.  Finally.  To be frank, this happened at about 60 kindle book sales (yes, I doubled the kindle books sold this week.  Now you know I mostly sell print books.).  So, if you are an author, hang in there.  Keep writing, keep selling, keep reading, and keep praising the Lord.

For Runaway Deception, there were 5 pre-orders (I know all of them) and one print order (cool!) online this week.  It’ll be interesting to see how its sales go the next few weeks as people finish reading book 1.

Documenting Promotions This Week

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