First, I apologize because my reader self took over for a while.  I wrote less and read more for a month (ironically, it was NaNoWriMo month).  I was productive and read about 15 books (good for my challenge), but my writing lagged.  Why?  Why do we do this?  Am I not serious enough about writing?  Was I just starving myself for reading material?

I’m not sure.  It happens in my walk with Christ, sometimes, where one aspect will take over and the others fade.  Sometimes I’ll be so into a new Bible study or a new chapter to re-memorize or a new friend in Jesus that the other things fall off.  I still feel guilty if I’m not actively seeking the Lord and worshiping Him, but I have to remember there’s more than one way to do that.  I like to sing and dance (by myself of course, quietly), I like to read my Bible, and I also like to donate money to faith-based charities.  All of those are good things, but not by themselves.

Balance is the key, I think.

Last Saturday I sold several books.  I don’t know how many, and they weren’t even my books.  I was at Barnes and Noble (enjoying my 25% off educator coupon, woot!) and ended up talking with some half dozen people about books I really enjoyed and recommended.  I certainly sold one lady a copy of Steelheart for her son for Christmas. I may have sales-pitched well enough to the other customers to sell more, but I don’t know.  I was a book seller, and it was delightful.  At least as fun as selling my own novel.

Wait.  I didn’t once mention my book.  It didn’t feel right, didn’t feel like what the customers were looking for.  A missed opportunity, or a chance to seem polite?  Again, balance.  I can’t shove my book in everyone’s faces.  As I’ve learned the hard way, not everyone likes to read fantasy (mind-boggling to me, but their loss, I guess).

Anyway, I feel like a writer again today.  Made some decent progress on book 3 (rough draft is at the first wedding chapter), and ordered alpha reader copies of book 2 (huzzah!).

Oh, and leatherbound Elantris and Twig the Fairy’s DVD look simply amazing.  My reader self is drooling over them.

Balancing writing and reading

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