Shiny new back cover for Royal Deception!

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Book 1 has a back, now.  An interesting one, that is (plain black sort of counts, right?).  The current plan is to get backs for all the books, eventually.  I like it.  It’s taken a little convincing, but I just needed to see it in physical form, I think.  It’s a little off center (I’ll fix that tonight), but it looks pretty cool.  Less plain.

I could choose to do a cover that wraps around from the front to the back, all one picture, but the spine width would have to be perfect.  Like, if I deleted 5 pages from my manuscript, I would have to change the entire cover image.  So, that was never my plan.  I suppose traditionally published books never change anything (or rarely) with the final product.  They do change covers, though (just look at all the covers for The Lion, the royal deception back pre 1Witch, and the Wardrobe).   Still, I don’t see myself changing the front covers any time soon.

Five months after release of book one, and I needed something new to be excited about.  I go 6.5 years with no change, but suddenly I need something new.  Lord, forgive my impatience.  At least book 2 is coming in less than 3 months.  No panicking.

Book 2 update: still polishing.  I’ve gotten some feedback, and I’ve revisited a lot of scenes to clarify succession issues (what happens when the King dies?) and such.  I’m changing the flavor of the ending, because although the events were exciting, the tone was not.

How does this happen?  It boggles my writer mind, sometimes.  I don’t understand it as a read, either.  I can be reading a book about assassins attacking, and I’m rushing and yawning, just trying to finish.  I care about the characters, the plot is well put together, and the situation is dire.  I just find the words duller than textbooks (which are actually interesting sometimes).  Other books, I’ll be reading about someone getting dressed or cooking, and it is so interesting and keeping me on the edge of my seat.  How?

As a writer, how do I make sure I’m pulling this off?  I know about tension and pacing and foreshadowing and making the details come alive and focusing on the showing vs telling and getting everything through the lens of the character rather than an abstract narrator and timebombs and the effect of dialogue and varying sentence and paragraph length, but what if there’s more?

Probably, some books just interest some readers, and other books interest other readers.  Historical fiction?  Not for me.  Set the same story in a non-magical fantasy made-up realm, and I might just enjoy it.  (Don’t know why.  Maybe because everyone from history (except Jesus) is dead?)

I’m still working on the book match game.  I have more tags and more books to add.  It’ll be a work-in-progress for as long as I’m a reader, though.

New Back, same story

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